“Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.” – George Burns

I have certain projects that I completely enjoyed and others that have results that are deemed as successes. Below are examples of these projects. My work is my passion and is also how I craft my trade. The more work I am able to do, the better I become within the industry. Everyday I attempt to take one step closer to become an expert.

By default my work as a freelance designer fulfills two purposes.

  1. Allows me to work through experimental coding or design techniques that I might not be able to take time to fully understand or enjoy between the hours of 9-5.
  2. Keeps me busy, I bore easy…if I don’t have something to do I feel lost. Freelance work is a symbiotic relationship…even though I work hard during the day…I enjoy that pace at home also.


  • Logo – Slide Pro
  • Logo – Speed Training
  • Logo – Accelerator Pro
  • Logo – Midnight Clear


  • Website – CedarKnoll Log Homes

    CedarKnoll Log Homes

    Full CMS: includes complete property catalog,
    galleries, news-room, unique webforms.
    View CedarKnollLogHomes.com

  • Website – CanAm Rugby

    Can-Am Rugby

    Full CMS: template builder, galleries, news-room, ad manager, mapping and page pages.
    View CanAmRugby.com

  • Website – Shaun Ondak Photography

    Shaun Ondak Photography

    Full CMS: includes complete portfolio,
    featured widgets, blog and store front.
    View ShaunOndakPhotography.com

  • Website – Adirondack Carousel

    Adirondack Carousel

    Full CMS: template builder, galleries, news-room,
    carving portfolio and forms.
    View AdirondackCarousel.org

  • Website – BluSeed Studios

    BluSeed Studios

    Full CMS: portfolio, news-room, event calendar,
    social integration and email sign-up.
    View BluSeedStudios.org

  • Website – deJonghe

    deJonghe Jewelry

    Full CMS: portfolio, news-room, blog,
    social integration and store.
    View djoriginals.com


  • Pagination – Adirondack Retreat

    Adirondack Retreat, by Kathleen McPhillips

  • Pagination – USA Triathlon

    USA Triathlon, Media Guide

  • Pagination – USA Luge 2009

    USA Luge, Media Guide


  • Print – BluSeed Harvest 2010
  • Print – BluSeed Studios – Brochure
  • Print – YMCA – Brochure
  • Print – Camp Arden – Brochure